Watch an Oil Platform Ride Out a Merciless North Sea Gale

by Owen James Burke


Above: BG Group’s Lomond Platform rides out a gale in the central North Sea. Screenshot via youtube

A gale in the North Sea will put any vessel to the test, but you’d like to think, at the very least for the piece of mind of those onboard, that an oil rig would hold relatively fast. Not so, not in these waves.

You have to wonder what the scene is like onboard. Are everyone’s stomach contents slushing about on the cabin floors? People who work on oil rigs are not generally thought to be pansies, though most of us watching could only imagine curling up into the fetal position and crying ourselves into a very poor, fear-riddled slumber.

At points during this storm, swells were reaching the platform deck. If something goes wrong out there, there’s no helivac, and no sea captain brave or stupid enough to come make a doomed attempt at rescuing you.

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