This Is What a North Atlantic Tidal Marsh Looks Like from Above

by Owen James Burke


Above: Hog Island Bay, eastern shore, Virginia. Photograph: “Over the Bay” by Gordon Campbell

National Geographic Your Shot member Gordon Campbell photographs coastal wetlands while flying an open cockpit plane. This way he can fly higher or lower, or change angles relative to the sun — “sometimes just feet above the marsh grasses,” he says — all without the interference of plexiglass, capturing crisp, glistening images like the one above, taken while flying over Hog Island Bay on the eastern shore of Virginia. But he doesn’t shoot photographs like this merely for aesthetics.

“The tidal wetlands shown here play a very important part in the ecosystem and are home to a large variety of wetland flora,” explains Mr. Campbell, who hopes that in capturing and sharing their beauty, he’ll also help to create appreciation for and awareness of these crucial but delicate estuarine nurseries.

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