The Old Man in the Sea? Giant Waves off Scotland Sculpt a Fleeting Bust of Neptune, or Perhaps the Almighty.

by Carolyn Sotka

old man in the sea

Photo by Ron Steenvoorden.

We know of the man of the moon but is there a man of the sea? Ron Steenvoorden snapped this remarkable, fleeting image of a man’s face emerging from the waves off the Isle of Islay on the south-western tip of Hebridean Island, Scotland. The breakers formed during a mammoth storm this past December that hammered the Hebrides Islands with 80-+ mile per hour winds and fifty foot waves. “It was almost impossible to stand up outside,” Steenvoorden told the Telegraph of London. “We only moved from the Netherlands two months ago so we’ve never seen waves like this before.”

It turns out though, that the 54-year-old Mr. Steenvorden is no one photographic one-trick pony. He’s posted up some arresting work on Instagram.

Here are a few of our favorites from Mr. Steenvorden’s Instagram feed.

Bonnie banks of loch lomond #scotland #lochlomond #loss #argyll #loch

A photo posted by Ron Steenvoorden (@ronsteenvoorden) on

Nice view of north uist lochmaddy harbour #yacht A photo posted by Ron Steenvoorden (@ronsteenvoorden) on

Final image #sunset

A photo posted by Ron Steenvoorden (@ronsteenvoorden) on

The Vital Spark #scotland #inverary #argyll

A photo posted by Ron Steenvoorden (@ronsteenvoorden) on

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