“My Lovely Wife in the Psych Ward.” Our Own Mark Lukach Pens an Epic Devotional for Pacific Standard Magazine.

by Owen James Burke


Mark and wife Giulia near their home on Ocean Beach, San Francisco. Photo credit: Larry Rosa

Scuttlefish writer Mark Lukach is an intrepid surfer — with or without a board — for whom, among many other reasons, we at TheScut will always possess an unabated admiration and respect. He’s also a history teacher, public speaker, swim coach, triathlete, standup member of San Francisco’s Ocean Beach community, and a passionately and relentlessly committed father and husband. Oh, and it goes without saying — as you’ve probably read or at least will now read — he’s one hell of a writer. He might also go down as having had the best credo in the history of the world: “Write, ride waves, love, and eat milkshakes. That’s happiness.”


Above: Mark goes left on one of San Francisco’s Ocean Beach bruisers. Photo courtesy of Mark Lukach

Over the years Mark’s contributed an integral column to the Scuttlefish almanac, a bi-weekly feature called H.M.S. Friday in which he tells of the fateful history of ships, along with other mysterious and whimsical maritime stories. Lately though, he’s been busy with what we’ll just call “life,” and a difficult and rewarding struggle about which he’s writing a memoir (watch the book trailer on Mark’s website)

This week, through an article for Pacific Standard magazine, Mark writes of another stately and majestic ship: his marriage. Few have ever had an easy go of matrimony by any honest account of it, but without question Mark’s life in the wake of a marital crisis made a turn not even a stormy sea could concoct. Still, through both proverbial and literal hell and high water, he’s the kind of husband every wife could only dream of, and the caliber of man every child should want to call “dad.”

Here’s a short passage:

Giulia had a concrete life plan: to become a director of marketing at a fashion company and have three kids by the time she turned 35. My ambitions were looser: I wanted to bodysurf hollow waves at San Francisco’s Ocean Beach and enjoy my job teaching high-school history and coaching soccer and swimming. Giulia was focused and practical. My head was often in the clouds, if not the water. After a few years of marriage, we started talking about having the first of those three babies. By our third anniversary our charmed adolescence was transforming into a charmed adulthood. Giulia landed a dream job.

This is where that lovely storyline ends.crazy-love-3

Photo Courtesy: Mark Lukach. 

Read Mark’s story, “My Lovely Wife in the Psych Ward,” in Pacific Standard Magazine. — OJB, CD & BLam

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