After Much Wriggling, A Seal Gulps Down an Octopus Whole for Breakfast

by Owen James Burke


…and this is why seals and octopuses are some of the most ingenious creatures of the sea. We’ve seen both seals and octopuses in strange and unimaginable circumstances, but this one incontestably falls somewhere near the top of the list. Sure seals and octopuses share the same domain, seeking nourishment and sanctuary among the kelp, but the octopus seems far too elusive. Then again, if I can catch one… (Photo: Andrew J. Lee/Solent News)


(Photo: Andrew J. Lee/Solent News)

Photographer Andrew J. Lee captured this precarious encounter at Bolsa Chica Wetlands in Huntington Beach, California. As one might imagine, the seal prevails, but not without a gallant last stand on the part of the octopus.


(Photo: Andrew J. Lee/Solent News)

With a little direction, this scene could probably be turned into an opera or a musical — surely Broadway has seen worse.

The Ocean Conservancy — OJB

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