A Surfer’s Class Ring, Lost on Bolinas Beach, Returned After 35 Years

by Chris Dixon


Photo  Lea Suzuki: San Francisco Chronicle

Robert Fowler was surfing off Bolinas in 1979 when he felt his gold class ring slip off his finger and disappear.

The thing it disappeared into was the Pacific Ocean, a body of water not known for giving things back.

Fast-forward 35 years, as can happen in seagoing tales. Two weeks ago, treasure hunter Larry Feurzeig was strolling the Bolinas beach at low tide with his metal detector, listening through his headphones for pings that usually mean he’s the lucky finder of yet another beer can, fishing weight or penny.


Larry Feurzeig (left) returns the class ring he found on the Bolinas beach to to Robert Fowler of San Francisco. Photo  Lea Suzuki: San Francisco Chronicle

“I heard a beep,” Feurzeig said. “An upper-mid-range beep. More like a ding.”

To Feurzeig’s trained ears, it didn’t sound like a beer can. He began to dig with his high-end treasure hunting trowel…

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