Watch a White Shark Photobomb an Oblivious Surfer in Los Angeles

by Owen James Burke


Photo: Thomas Kampas/KTLA

Southern California is home to countless juvenile great white sharks, and a handful are spotted every day. Photographer Thomas Kampas was fortunate enough to capture one in the surf at El Porto, one of Los Angeles’ most popular surfing beaches, just north of Manhattan Beach.

There’s been some discussion as to whether or not the shark is a great white, a shortfall mako, or a spinner, but Ralph Collier, head of the Shark Research Committee, verified for Mr. Kampas that the shark was indeed a great white (no surprise).

Recent news of several shark attacks within the last two weeks — two fatal in Australia — have the media mongering shark fear as is their wont, but it’s important to note that, whether you see them or not, they’re out there and they’re seeing you, but more often than not, they’re passing you right by. A commenter on KTLA’s Facebook page wrote, “I fly tours over the beach daily and I see on average 2-4 juveniles between Manhattan Beach Pier and El Porto! No biggie!”

Watch Thomas Kampas’ video and read more at KTLA — OJB

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