This Is Kassia Meador’s Colorful New Tie-Dye Wetsuit Line

by Owen James Burke

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Above: Kassia Meador’s new tie-dye wetsuit line. Photo: Devon Howard/Kassia Surf

Since being created in the 1960s, the neoprene wetsuits that cool-water surfers have been sliding into have, almost uniformly, been black. From the moment you enter the water, if your friends, your parents, or anyone else wants to see you, they’re at a loss in a sea swirling with black and white specks, unless there’s hardly anyone else out. Over the years there have been only a handful of diversions from the traditional black suit, which dutifully serves its utilitarian purpose and hides sea grime remarkably well. (Who really washes their wetsuits properly and consistently, anyhow?) But then, maybe it’s time for a change.


Photo: Kassia Surf

Some professional surfers, especially when surfing in front of the camera, make sure to wear boisterous neon colors so they’re not lost to the cameraman. Spear fishermen use an array of camouflage for stalking prey, and just recently, there has also been a slew of surfing wetsuits designed to repel sharks, one innovation using black and white zebra stripes in an attempt to ward off the men in gray. But invariably, apart from these exceptions, surfers wear black.


Photo: Kassia Surf

Perhaps it’s time for someone to bring an earthier tone to wetsuit color and design. Then maybe professional surfers can stop wearing offensively lime green wetsuits, which don’t lend themselves well to nautical backdrops. Well, maybe this was professional surfer Kassia Meador’s thinking, or maybe she just had a stroke of bona fide creativity, because her new tie-dye wetsuits are just what the industry is lacking, and they’re coming out in early 2015.

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Photo: Kassia Surf

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