Take a Simple Step to Save the World’s Cutest and Most Endangered Dolphin

by Owen James Burke


Photo: Greenpeace

Barely under 5 feet long, the vaquita, or “baby cow,” (Phocoena sinus) is one of the two smallest cetaceans in the world. Also known as the desert porpoise (it lives in the waters along the Baja California peninsula), its geographical range is tiny — about 1,500 square miles.

Sadly, the vaquita has a habit of getting caught up in gill nets as bycatch, and despite conservation efforts which have protected half of the porpoises’ known habitat, they’ve become seriously endangered. Though it’s hard to count, Greenpeace reports that there may be fewer than 100 left of the species and their numbers are decreasing by 17% each year.

Here‘s how you can help — OB

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