Strange Love Craft: GoPro Be Damned. Surf Legend George Greenough on the First POV Tube Ride Ever Filmed

by Owen James Burke

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Apart from taking massive strides toward what is now the modern surfboard, we also have George Greenough to thank for filming — with a 17-pound camera on his back, keep in mind — the first first-person point of view barrel ride ever captured on film. Screenshot from George Greenough’s Deep Tube Riding/Patagonia

While in New South Wales and living out of the back of his sedan, Greenough was shooting for his late 1960s psychedelic masterpiece, The Innermost Limits of Pure Fun, and trying desperately to do something no one had ever done before: roll the camera inside a tube.

Watch the behind the scenes video of capturing the wave, narrated by Greenough:

And that he did, after fighting wobbly surf with 17 pounds of camera on his back, catching the camera under the lip of dredging surf, and even running out of film during the perfect wave.

We also have Greenough to thank for surf mats, better camera housings, and the high-performance surfboard skeg, which he modeled after tuna fins.

Read more about the film over at Patagonia — OB

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