Season’s Beatings! Two of the Best Videos From the Biggest Mavericks Day in Four Years

by Chris Dixon


When the next 60 seconds of your life become hell on earth. Screen Grab from Surfline/Powerlines Productions.

On a dreary December 20, 2014, the biggest northwest swell since 2010 lumbered up the stairstep reef off Pillar Point in California. The giant waves were met by a phalanx of the best big wave surfers alive – Jamie Mitchell, Shawn Dollar, Greg Long, Grant “Twiggy” Baker and G-Mac among them. The result was a day of critical, five-story drops, bone-crushing wipeouts and some of the most epic rides – and beatings, ever captured at Mavericks’ gladiator arena. Immediately after the session, photos and videos of the glory and carnage appeared across the Interwebs. But with a little time in the editing bay, a pair of stellar video collections of the day’s biggest hits and misses appeared courtesy of Surfline and Paul Topp Photography.


Shawn Dollars holds the current paddle in world record for a 2012 paddle in wave at the Cortes Bank. Here, he shows why. Screen Grab from Surfline/Powerlines Productions.


When walking on water becomes a come to Jesus moment. Screen Grab from Surfline/Powerlines Productions.


Jamie Mitchell nearly pulled off one of the biggest Mavericks paddle ins in history. Hell, one of the biggest paddle-ins period. Mavericks had other ideas. Screen Grab from Surfline/Powerlines Productions.


Get on your knees and pray. Screen Grab from Surfline/Powerlines Productions.


Garrett McNamara had the shit beat out of him. He also pulled off this spectacular drop. Screen Grab from Surfline/Powerlines Productions.

Surfline’s video was shot and edited in partnership with Eric Nelson’s venerable Powerlines Productions. It shows the vicious swells at the same moments, from a variety of angles. Paul Topp’s is a montage of super high-resolution moments that 99.9 percent of the surfing world would surely want no part of. Me included. For maximum, gut wrenching effect, watch both at full screen, HD resolution on your 80 inch flatscreen TV. 

Here’s Surfline’s feature in all its gory glory. Surfline Live: Mavericks Freesurf Highlights. 

And below is Paul Topp’s incredible donation to the history of Youtube. 

Season’s Beatings! —CD


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