How Did A Baby Whale Shark End Up in a Maldives Swimming Pool?

by Owen James Burke


Photo via Eco Islanders Maldives

Fishermen collecting garbage off the Maldives on Sunday spotted a (relatively) tiny, 18-inch whale shark swimming in open water. As was the case off Taiwan last year, none of them could recall anyone having sighted a juvenile whale shark in the area, and (presumably) thought it would be a help for researchers, or more likely that it could earn them a few extra bucks. So, they scooped up the little filter-feeding fish.

The fishermen, who were from Ganhei Island Resort, brought the little guy ashore and placed him in a holding tank until conservationists directed them to release it after tagging. The fishermen reported having done so, but the story didn’t end there.


Photo via Eco Islanders Maldives

Pictures began to flood the internet of the fish swimming with resort guests, and again, conservationists frowned. Somehow, through an unclear series of events, it ended up in the saltwater swimming pool of a resort on a neighboring island. One report stated that the fishermen had tried to sell the animal to the neighboring resort.


Photo via Eco Islanders Maldives

Fortunately, after keeping it alive in their saltwater pool just long enough to execute a release, the resort tagged the largest juvenile fish in the world, and it is believed that it was finally released that afternoon.

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