Clark Little on Discovering His Signature Shorebreak Photography

by Owen James Burke

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(Screenshot taken from Creators: Clark Little)

“For me, I didn’t plan to be this wave photographer. I went out there ’cause I love the shorebreak and I wanted to get a shot for the house. ..People…are shooting pipe and trying to get the cover shot for the next magazine, and that’s cool, but I’d rather go out in heavy shorebreak with nobody out and capture some heavy four-lipped monster throwing over with the sand sucking up. I have such a good time.”

— Clark Little

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(Screenshot taken from Creators: Clark Little)

Watch a video on Mr. Little by The Inertia:

Clark Little is one of our favorite surf photographers, partly because his subjects are not surfers and boards studded with sponsorship stickers, but simply just waves. He also, unabashedly, puts himself in some of the most frightening places a photographer — or any living being — could find themselves in the water.

Read more about Clark Little on The Inertia — OB

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