Watch a Sea Lion Hop Over the Rail and Steal a Fish in One Fell Swoop

by Owen James Burke

Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 11.57.04 AM

These were some green fish. Mahimahi (dorado, dolphinfish) usually don’t hold that bright hue long before turning silver, and there was no way that this calculating sea lion was going to chance passing up such a fresh treat.

“Pedro the sea lion” is a bit of a celebrity around Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, and fishermen often feed him on their way into port, but typically only voluntarily. When he saw that large forked tail hanging just over the rail of this docked fishing boat, he took note of the opportunity. He seized it, and was, deservedly, rewarded handsomely for his effort. Even though fishermen treat Pedro pretty well, it’s probably not every day he gets his jaws around a mahimahi, and because these fish live out in open waters, it’s safe to say he doesn’t come across them too often, either.

As for the fishermen, well, they’ve got another.

Colin Wayne via Charles Cox — OB

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