Tiny Atlas Floats on Water

by Chris Dixon

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Tiny Atlas Quarterly is a curious, quirky and thoroughly gorgeous quarterly journal of dreamy travel destinations, the damn fine looking and the mighty interesting. This month, they’ve chosen to turn nearly all of their attention to the water, with predictably tough-to-turn-away-from results. Features include a photo essay on Amalfi, Italy, an essay from young Big Sur-based biologist Charles Post and a Lake Tahoe-driven interview with designer Cynthia Rowley. I’d not figured on diving as deeply as I did into the Atlas, but it’s a pretty damn immersive little enterprise.

Before I knew it, I’d spent an hour reading stories and taking notes on how to build a beautiful, simple travel journal.

Well worth a bit of your time. — CD

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Visit the Tiny Atlas Quarterly’s website here. 

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