This Conservationist Swam Upon What Looked Like a Whale as Good as Dead, But What Happened Next Is Something He’ll Never Forget

by Owen James Burke

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Michael Fishbach, co-founder of the Great Whale Conservancy (GWC), spends two months along the Sea of Cortez in Mexico every year, but he’s never seen anything like this.

Watch the video:

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Stories of whale rescue just never get old. The juvenile whale was tangled in a fishing net, not moving. Finally, after several minutes, she thrust a violent and desperate breath.

Fishbach then immediately climbed back into the boat and after about an hour spent cutting through the nylon gill net, he and four others aboard able were able to get her free. Whales, like most mammals, know the difference between when they’re being hunted and when they’re being rescued. She put on an explosive display of theatrical thanks, and for the next hour, they followed her with the boat.

Video posted by True Activist — OB

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