“The Seagull or the Sardine,” The Story of an Old Man and His Spear

by Owen James Burke

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(Screenshot taken from the film, directed by Anthony Dooley)

“They talk about that one big fish. You know, the one that got away. Well, I’ll tell you, the truth is, there’s lots of them. The sea is one big place.”

Cheech lives in an abandoned refrigerator shack in the woods off Montauk, New York.

Watch the film:

“Cheech” is a renaissance man, and a dying breed, some might say. He’s seen more change in his lifetime than that of thousands before him. When he was growing up, spear fishermen didn’t have wetsuits, and would cover themselves in mud for camouflage, and maybe even to retain what little heat they could.

“I’ve had everything this world has to offer: the money, the adventure, the girls. And like the ebb and flow, they come and go.”

What’s he got left? Everything he needs: a simple life by the sea with his spear.

Read more about director Anthony Dooley on his Vimeo Channel — OB

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