The Jellyfish Cam is LIVE at the Monterey Bay Aquarium

by Carolyn Sotka


Jellyfish Cam Gif from the Monterey Bay Aquarium

As winter takes its icy hold across much of America, you might find yourself cursing your cube walls and daydreaming about tropical escapes. Well, Monterey Bay Aquarium (MBAYAQ) has brought a mini-escape right to your laptop.

YouTube Preview Image

The brand new Jelly Cam is live and features hypnotic sea nettles as they gracefully glide and pulse across your screen. MBAYAQ was the first aquarium to rear and display these magical animals. The jellyfish experience is one of the most popular exhibits at MBAYAQ and now you have a front row seat to see why (p.s. they do turn the lights off so if you see a black screen check back later).

mbayaq jellies

Check out the rest of MBAYAQ’s live Web cams,  from the Open Sea and Penguin cams to the Kelp Forest and Sea Otter cams. So sit back and relax, your escape awaits! – CS

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