Quilts of the Coast: An Artist’s Interpretation of our Rapidly Changing Shorelines

by Carolyn Sotka


Feature quilt: Penobscot Bay, Maine – The Coastal Quilt Project

We love our coasts. Over 39% of the U.S. population lives in counties along our shorelines. In fact, close to 50% of the world lives within 125 miles of the coast. We depend on our coasts, but they are changing and dynamic. In some cases the change is due to natural causes, but in others, due to faulty coastal management, rapid development and climate change.

In an effort to capture a snapshot of what our coastlines look like today, the Brooklyn, NY-based Haptic Lab has launched The Coastal Quilts Project. The goal is to use quilts as generational and heirloom objects to inspire protection of these special places, while serving as a memento of what once was.

Designer Emily Fischer uses a combination of traditional stitching and applique techniques to achieve the graphic, textural dimension. The images are based on satellite imagery, coastal surveys, and nautical maps. The current collection is focused on New England and Mid-Atlantic States but the group plans to showcase coastal locales around the globe.


Feature quilt: Cape Cod, Massachusetts – The Coastal Quilt Project

Per the mission of the project, a portion of the proceeds will go directly to Natural Resource Defense Council’s (NRDC) Save BioGems campaign. I can’t wait for the Charleston Quilt to be available, place your order now! – CS

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