Pew La La. Impending Whale Explosion Closes French Beach

by Carolyn Sotka

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Taran Killam and Charlize Theron in the Wrong Place at the Right Time. Screen Grab from SNL.

French authorities have closed a beach near Montpellier, on the Mediterranean coast, due to the risk of bodily harm from a potentially exploding whale. The 15-ton humpback whale carcass has continued to bloat due to a build-up of methane gas. The alternative to a natural blow-up is to actually blow-up the whale using dynamite after towing out to sea.


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Earlier this year, Scuttlefish’s own Owen James Burke wrote  “A History of Dead Whale Tourism: Trailered, Detonated and Auctioned” that covers global fascination with dead whales and how to dispose of them. The story highlights the great exploding sperm whale of Florence, Oregon in 1970 – where after 20 cases of dynamite were used to explode the whale, the entire beach of onlookers were covered in blood and guts, and the beach remained a hot, stinking mess for some time later. From then on, any whale that washed ashore in Oregon was not charged and detonated but burned and buried.

SNL’s Epic “Bikini Beach Party.” Inspired by Frankie, Annette, Gidget and the Exploding Whale of Newport Oregon.

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