Wish you Were Here… or Not ???
Sleep with the Fishes at the Neptune Memorial Reef.

by Carolyn Sotka


Entrance of Neptune Memorial Reef.  Photo by Neptune Reef Memorial.


The Neptune Memorial Reef was built to create life…after life. An artificial reef located 3 miles east of Key Biscayne, near Miami, it is an underwater cemetery where you can sleep away the afterlife with the fishes.

Designed as an interpretation of the Lost City of Atlantis, the memorial is considered one of the largest man-made reefs and when complete will transform over 16 acres of ocean floor and hold the cremated remains of perhaps 125,000 souls.


The lion gatekeepers keep watch over the memorial.  Photo by Neptune Reef Memorial.

Come visit your loved one and instead of placing flowers, snorkel among fish populations that continue to grow as more and more structures are added.


Choose from a variety of placards, monuments or other ways to memorialize your loved one in this ‘green’ (or blue?) burial opportunity.  Photo by Neptune Reef Memorial.

YouTube Preview Image

This video from 2013 shows how much coral and sea life is already colonizing the reef.

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