WHOI’s Exosuit Just Made Her Inaugural (and Historical) Dive off Antikythera, Greece

by Owen James Burke


Along with the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Ed O’Brien made history yesterday, becoming the first pilot to dive in open blue water with the 530-pound jet-powered submersible, the Exosuit.

The dive took place at a 1st century BC shipwreck known as the Antikythera wreck, which was first discovered by sponge divers off the Greek Isles in 1900.


The Exosuit, which has diving capabilities down to 1,000 feet, was deployed successfully from the Hellenic Naval vessel, HN THETIS, with members of the Hellenic Navy Seal as in-water support.


The technicians also offered thanks to the Hellenic Navy by inviting one of their own divers, Fotis Lazarou, to take the Exosuit for whirl.

Read more at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution — OB

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