Watch a Bycaught Sea Lion Grab a Fisherman and Throw Him Across the Deck

by Owen James Burke


After mistakenly hauling a sea lion in with a load of fish, a fisherman is hurled across the deck by a perturbed beast, and a dog nearly is too (0:58), before making the wise last-second decision to retreat.

Sea lions are known for sneaking into a net full of fish as it’s closing to steal a quick meal and weave their way out before it’s too late. Sometimes they’re a little too slow, like this one, and that’s when they’re brought in as bycatch, at which point they can become highly offended.

These animals can weigh up to 1000 pounds, and though this one looks to be less than half that size, there’s not much you can do once they’re on deck but wait.

via gCaptain — OB

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