This Liter of Beer Inspired By Bottles Discovered on a 19th Century Baltic Shipwreck Will Cost You $140

by Owen James Burke


In 2011, a shipwreck off the Baltic Coast of Finland dated back to 1842 was discovered with 5 bottles of beer (and 145 bottles of champagne), which were promptly turned over to a team of scientists at the Brewing Technology Research Group at KU Leuven’s Ghent, Belgium campus so that they could study it and, with any luck, recreate it. They’ve succeeded, but the $140 price tag and the 1,500-liter reserve will probably prevent most of us from getting a taste.


Why the hefty price tag? It’s not exactly the beer from the wreck, which revealed itself by foaming as archaeologists brought the bottles–rare receptacles for 19th century alcohol transport–Scientists had to research the exact yeast, which was fortunately still alive, in order to recreate the exact brew. Then, Stallhagen Brewery in Finland bottled 1,500 liters using hand-crafted bottles with corks and muselet.

How did it turn out? We haven’t gotten our hands on it (and it’s not likely that we will), but reports a “fresh and slightly fruity” taste with a wheat beer-like finish.

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