‘The Real Local’ and Other Entries from National Geographic’s 2014 Nature Photography Contest

by Carolyn Sotka

National Geographic’s annual photography contest is underway and you are invited! Browse through NatGeo’s online galleries to judge for yourself or enter to win. Here are a few of our favorites, from the thousands submitted this year by amateur and professional photographers from around the world.

the real local

‘The Real Local’ – Photo and caption by Adam Burke

“New Zealand fur seal giving me a lesson on how to surf. Shot was taken at Waitpinga Beach, South Australia. The seal wasn’t just surfing for the fun of it, there was a school of Australian salmon schooled up in a small gutter in front of this wave, the seal would take off on the wave and then with speed, fly straight into the school and grab a quick feed. Amazing to watch.”


 ‘7485 Fish’ – Photo and caption by Christian Miller

“On a windy day right after a Cyclone passed the far northern Great Barrier Reef I took some friends out to the reef. Never before had I seen so many glass fish on this particular coral ‘bommie’ . Just when I set up my camera, this Napoleon Wrasse swam right through the school of fish, building a living frame.”

storm is coming

‘Storm is Coming’ – Photo and caption by Do Minik

“A storm is coming over Agde, a city in the southwest of France on the Mediterranean Sea.”


‘The Iguana’s Cave ‘ – Photo and caption by Lorenzo Mittiga

“Unexpected underwater encounter with a Green Iguana. I was attempting to take some overunder sunset shots in a semi-submerged cave in Bonaire, when a Green Iguana swam toward my dome with an inquisitive doing. Just in front of my lens, she came up to the surface to take a quick breath….”

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