The Best Mountain Biker on Earth Meets One of Earth’s Most Beautiful Islands

by Chris Dixon



Danny MakAskill, Isle of Skye, Photo: Red Bull’s The Ridge.

A few days ago, Scottish mountain bike Houdini Danny MacAskill released a hypnotic homage to the island where he was born. MacAskill has become internationally famous in the last five years for his preternatural riding skills, and the mesmerizing video edits that showcase them. In this video, Danny Boy rows his bike to the base of the towering peaks of his homeland on the mystically lovely Isle of Skye. There, he risks everything to ride terrain that most of us wouldn’t even attempt on two feet. As a fairly addicted mountain biker for the last two and a half decades, I can safely proclaim this film to be the most inspirational reason to ride I’ve ever seen. Of course to some, it could also provide the perfect excuse to never climb on a bike at all.

Regardless, it’ll absolutely take your breath away. — CD

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