Ryan Moss’s Hard Won Views of Hawaii

by Chris Dixon


Hawaiian Ridgeline. Photo/Screen Grab: Ryan Moss.

Back in January, I rode out to the Cortes Bank on a boat with a photographer/filmmaker named Ryan Moss. It was my first time meeting the intrepid young man, but among a cadre of hard-charging surfers, “Mossie” was already well known for fearless pursuit of the shot.

While Ryan has run a gauntles filming dangerous waves, particularly on Maui’s Jaws and out at Cortes Bank, he flipped through some non-surfing work on the boat that day that I found simply amazing. It seems Ryan’s among a small group of Hawaiian locals who regularly traverse the dragon-spine ridgelines that bisect most of the Hawaiian Islands. These treks, even on urbanized Oahu (which we see from the video, still has plenty of green space if you know where to look), are remote, awe-inspiring and dangerous as all hell. In some cases, the ‘trails’ are nothing more than pointy spires of ancient volcanic rock where the slighest wrong step would be unquestionably fatal.

In the below video, part of Moss’s “Aloha Project,” we see the fruits of some of Mossie’s more dangerous labors – and views most of us will never see. — CD

YouTube Preview Image

Check our more of Ryan’s work here: http://www.ryancmoss.com/

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