Pepino, Gentleman Thief – an Epic from Epic Magazine

by Chris Dixon


Venice was built to confuse. The floating Italian city has few straight lines: Each cobblestoned footpath veers and twists, the buildings lean, and small bridges vault sideways. For tourists, it’s like entering a labyrinth. Locals have tried to help, scrawling arrows on the walls. They are supposed to point to San Marco Square, the city’s most prominent attraction, but sometimes the arrows point in opposite directions…

Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 10.18.04 AM

So begins Joshua Davis and David Wolman’s latest Epic Magazine epic, Pepino, Gentleman Thief. I can already see the screenplay for this factual fiction being pored over at lunch on Sunset Boulevard. It’s that damn good, and for you aspiring new media storytellers out there, also provides prima facie evidence of the continuing relevance of nerve-wracking, highly descriptive and occasionally jaw-dropping long form journalism in the age of the Internets. Well worth a half-hour (or more) of your day. — CD

Read it here.

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