Narcose – A Spellbinding, Mesmerizing, Claustrophobic, Hypnotic, Hypoxic and Hallucinogenic Short Film

by Chris Dixon


Stills from the film Narcose by Julie Gautier.  

Nitrogen Narcosis is more broadly known as the Rapture of the Deep. It’s a drunken sense of euphoria experienced by divers as increasing water pressure compresses gasses in the bloodstream. The deeper you go, the more pronounced the effect. If you’re not well trained in recognizing and overcoming this sublime, but treacherous altered state, you might simply forget to check your air supply, properly decompress, or even surface at all. In short, this happiness can kill you. When you reach the extreme 120 meter (400 foot) depths of champion freediver Guillaume Néry, rapture shifts into a realm of stupor and wondrous visions.



In Narcose, we see Néry’s deep, dangerous hallucinations brought to life in glorious HD. Thanks to the film’s artistic nudity, this one’s not suitable for the kids. The wife on the other hand, should surely appreciate what is probably the best freediving cinematography, well, ever. Be sure to watch it full screen. —CD


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