Meet HMS Artful, The 320-Foot-Long Fallout Sub That Can Submerge for 25 Years at a Time

by Owen James Burke


(Photo credit: BAE Systems)

The HMS Artful only needs its nuclear reactor serviced every quarter-century, and scrubs oxygen from the sea around it. 

The maker of the sub, a British Defense Firm called BAE Systems, says that it has to surface every three months to fill its hold with food (18,000 sausages) and artillery (38 Tomahawk missiles). The maiden dive was undertaken at BAE Systems’ dock with 80 personnel and all the sausages and Weetabix cereal they could want. Yikes.

But then again, it’s massive — 320 feet long, 7,400 metric tons, and displaces as much water as 65 blue whales — so with a little ingenuity, you could probably integrate hydroponics, or maybe an aquaculture farm outside. I’ll bet you’d even find a way to get a fishing line through some sort of hatch too, supposing the apocalypse doesn’t get to them first.


(Photo credit: BAE Systems)

This could also do Hollywood some good, too, no? Perhaps Brendan Fraser is ready for a sequel to 1999’s “Blast from the Past.” Let’s hope not (with all due respect, Mr. Fraser).

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