How Drinking Beer Brewed with Deep Mediterranean Seawater Might (Almost) Defeat Hangovers

by Owen James Burke

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(Photos via Cítrics el Plà)

The answers to all of life’s questions and problems lie in the sea. Oh, and beer, too.

Brewed with deep sea water from the Mediterranean, Er Boquerón is a golden/blond ale that comes from Xativa, near Valencia, Spain with what we can only imagine is a taste both unique and superior (hey, it’s got our favorite stuff in it), and purportedly without a hangover.

How is this possible? Apart from its somewhat modest alcohol content (4.8% abv) e can’t yet attest, but a recent Taiwanese study (published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition) found that drinking treated, partially desalinated and heavily filtered sea water can help improve your recovery after an intense workout, and maybe even help you sleep better. But, wait, there’s more: Er Boquerón also has a better balance of minerals like zinc, sodium, potassium and magnesium than most sports drinks.

So what’s a poor jock left to do but dump out the Gatorade and turn to the brew? We haven’t tried it, but one of the Munchies guys over at Vice did. He recounted a refreshing and hoppy flavor with a kick, and a hangover, but one which he found to be “exceptionally preferable” to that which comes along with drinking Guinness. Then again, he also reported having drunk Budweiser and vodka later on, along with a “huge burger,” so we’ll have to be the judge of that. (We’re still working on getting it to the US.)


If you can’t possibly wait to find out for yourself, here are a couple of amateur YouTube beer tasters to describe it for you. They do, after all, appear to be limeys, and if there’s one thing you can trust their taste in, it’s most certainly beer:

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Read more on Munchies and Er Boquerón’s website — OB

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