Bowhunter Shoots World Record 809-Pound Mako Shark off Huntington Beach, California and Feeds Homeless

by Owen James Burke


Thomason takes aim with a regular AMS bow arrow tethered to a steel leader (Photo via Pete Thomas Outdoors)

Bowhunting television host Jeff Thomason of Predator Pursuit has made several trips from his home in Texas to Huntington Beach, CA in search of a shark for the end of his arrow, and last week, he might have wished he’d had a bigger one. Under-equipped as he may have been, he and he and Captain “Mako” Matt Potter were able to shoot and land this 11-foot, 809.5-pound mako that landed him a world record for largest mako shark ever taken with a bow, overtaking the previous world record by 300 pounds.


Not but a few miles offshore of Huntington Beach, California (Photo via Pete Thomas Outdoors)

It’s kind of a strange sport, and you might level the field a bit if you were to take the shot from in the water. The shark first has to be chummed into within three feet of the boat which may seem difficult, but this is what sharks do when you convince them they’re going to be fed. Still, Mr. Thomason did not merely shave off fish’s fins off and dump her back into the sea; nor did he forfeit her meat for a plaster casting for his wall. Instead she was reportedly harvested for her meat, and 400 pounds of which was donated to a homeless shelter.


The conscientious harvesting of mako sharks is legal and although it is believed that most sharks are at the very least slightly overfished, mako stocks off the California coast appear to be healthy enough to sustain some recreational mako fishing. 

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