A Fishy Tale of a World Record 9-Foot, 2-Inch Tarpon in Nicaragua

by Owen James Burke


(Illustration via fakahatchee)

Last month, three friends on a fishing trip out of Rio Indio Lodge in Nicaragua claim to have caught a tarpon which they measured at 9-feet, two-inches, and had they taken a photograph, would be the new rod-and-reel world record for the species by over a foot-and-a-half.

Bill Brannan, Jere Bruning and Fred Roguske reported to have measured the tarpon with a 10-foot measuring tape along with them, but the fish was so distressed from the over two-hour fight that they were primarily concerned with reviving it, and did not risk taking time to snap a photograph for the sake of the fish.


Above: the previous world record tarpon, taken from Guinea-Bissau in 2003, measured 90 inches and weighed over 286 pounds.

The three men, who coincidentally had a tape just long enough to measure the fish, said that the tarpon had a girth of 48″. The previous world record, taken in 2003 in Guinea-Bissau where they all seem to repeatedly come, was measured at 90 inches long with a girth of 50 inches, and weighed 286 pounds and nine ounces.

If the men aren’t spinning a yarn, that would put their catch at well over 300 pounds, despite being slightly leaner. Many are commenting that a 300-pound tarpon is unfathomable, especially not having been caught off of West Africa, but an estimated 96-inch fish was caught and captured on film last year, but released and not weighed on an official IGFA (International Game Fishing Association) scale:

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