Wish You Were Here: Lady Elliot Island, Australia

by Carolyn Sotka

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Accessible only by plane or boat, Lady Elliot Island is one of the last islands in the Great Barrier Reef chain. Despite being tricky to get to, once you are there the reef is just a few steps and strokes away. Roll out of bed, grab your snorkel and mask and you are on your way to endless and often private exploration.

Being on the reef is addictive. It’s hard to describe the magic of swimming with manta rays and thrill of seeing so many different types of sharks. Even better, since Lady Elliot is a marine protected area and does not allow fishing, the abundance of prey keeps sharks happy, so you are barely a blip on their radar.

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Lady Elliot lies within a Marine National Park ‘Green Zone’ and forms part of Australia’s World Heritage Listed Area on the Great Barrier Reef (GBR). In addition to sharks and mantas, the reef is a haven for marine life including turtles, whales, dolphins, and the entire cast of ‘Finding Nemo’ – over 1,200 different species can be found. It has exceptionally clean and clear waters, with healthy corals to show for it.

The island is also an Eco Resort, dedicated to the preservation of the natural environment of the GBR and the island hosts researchers from around the world, so there is always someone available to answer any questions or help you with your marine life IDs. Through numerous monitoring and other on-going long-term studies, Lady Elliot strives to be a world-class research institution. It’s the ultimate vacation destination for those seeking an off the beaten track and truly exclusive experience on the Great Barrier Reef.

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Read more about the Eco Resort at Lady Elliot Island visit: http://www.ladyelliot.com.au/

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