Win a $10,000 Grant for Your Ocean Conservation Project

by Owen James Burke

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The National Geographic Society Explorers, Oracle Team USA skipper Jimmy Spithill, the Roddenberrys (of Star Trek fame) and Swift Engineering are working together to identify and develop your best solution for a more sustainable future for our oceans.

They’ll be awarding a $10,000 BLUE Fellowship Grant to the proposal that receives the most votes. So far, entries range from DIY technology to educational programs to engage our youth in ocean exploration, and citizen watch networks that will better allow us to monitor illegal fishing activities. The campaign will run for about two months, and they’ll be announcing the winner in November. There are only 14 confirmed entries as of now (view their auditions here), and they’re still taking admissions.

Successful proposals should include exciting innovative ideas from the following categories:

• Education: promote public awareness and support of marine reserves
• Network: engage citizens in global networked stewardship of marine reserves
• Technology: low-cost citizen/open-source technology solutions

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