What Are These Weird Green Balls Washing Up on a Sydney Beach?

by Owen James Burke


These perfect green spheres washing up in Australia have been dubbed ‘alien eggs’ and ‘alien hairballs’ by some beach-goers.

Just overnight, these green spheres about 6 centimeters in diameter appeared on Dee Why Beach in Sydney. “Aegagropilious is a growth form where the algae rolls around on the seafloor and forms perfect spheres,” Professor Alistair Poore of the University of New South Whales told the Manly Daily. Think tumbleweed of the sea, only the algae is live.


There are many examples of these moss balls in freshwater habitats, and they’re very popular in Japan, especially with aquarium keepers, but they’re uncommon in marine environments and usually not living, Poore says. “I’ve seen similar things. Sometimes dead sea grass can roll around and form balls like underwater tumbleweeds but that’s made of dead material and these look to be living.”

Watch the news report below:

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