Seed Beads and Sea Shells by the Seashore

by Carolyn Sotka

eleanor pigman_beed copy

Before Eleanor Pigman started making arts with beads she was primarily a watercolor artist. She fell in love with the world of beading after doing an apprenticeship with a jewelry designer. When that shop closed, she inherited thousands of beads and was challenged to transform those beads into a completely new art form.

Pigman, a New York City native who currently lives in St. Petersburg, Florida, began the process with portraits but quickly moved into capturing the beauty of ocean animals, tide pools and other ‘sea things.’

The result is stunning – absolutely unique pieces embroidered by hand on felt with beads. Pigman combines several different traditional and non-traditional stitches to create a sculpture effect for both framed art and jewelry. Paper, fabric and mesh are also woven throughout her work. “The medium is limitless and I love to try to create the impossible,” she says.

eleanor pigman_2 copy

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