Paleontologists Just Found a 310-Million-Year-Old Shark Egg Case

by Owen James Burke


(Photo: Dean Lomax)

Paleontologist Dean Lomax of the University of Manchester and United Kingdom colleagues have just discovered a fossilized shark egg case near Doncaster, England that they’ve dated to be 310 million years old.

The shark egg case is so rare not only because it’s so old but because it was so soft-bodied — lacking bones (sharks are cartilaginous, as well all know) there’s not a whole lot to facilitate fossilization.

Other fossils found at the site include carboniferous plants, arthropods, shellfish and fish scales, which can all be seen at the Doncaster Museum in South Yorkshire, England.

“We hope that future organized collecting of the site may reveal further rare discoveries. And who knows, maybe we will even find the actual shark,” Dean Lomax said.

Read more at Sci-News and Lomax et al.’s paper published in the Geological Journal — OB

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