Ocean Life Through the Lens: The Top Wildlife Photographs of 2014

by Carolyn Sotka

These beautiful images represent finalists in the 2014 Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition, presented by London’s Natural History Museum and BBC. Fifty finalists were chosen from over 41,000 entries. Enjoy!

 emperor penguins copy

‘Kings into the Dark’ by Stanley Leroux

barracuda copy

‘Barracuda Swirl’ by Alexander Mustard


Big Mouth by Adriana Basques copy

‘Big Mouth’ by Adriana Basques

penguin copy

‘Leaping Gentoo Penguin’ by Paul Souders

sealion pups copy

‘Sea Lions Dreams’ by Christian Vizl

sealions copy

‘Australian Sea Lion Pups’ by Michael Patrick O’Neill

squid copy

‘Shoaling Reef Squid’ by Tobias Bernhard

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