Nazaré, Portugal’s Colossal Shorebreak in all its Wicked Glory.

by Chris Dixon

This morning, Garrett McNamara posted up an epic photo on his WhoSay page by Portuguese journalist Pedro Agostinho Cruz with the words, “holy moly.” The photo shows the colossal shorebreak at Nazaré, Portugal in all its wicked glory.

This is, of course, the spot where Garrett rode a tow-in world record wave in 2011 and a spot that more recently nearly claimed the life of big wave surf hellwoman Maya Gabeira in 2013. The damndest thing about Nazaré is that it’s been breaking in plain sight like this – with huge fall and wintertime swells magnified by a three-mile-deep canyon – for eons. But until Garrett and a few of his friends showed up a few years ago, no one seemed interested in seeing first hand how damn big and scary it really can get. Now we know.

With wintertime weather and swells on the way, (Maverick’s broke yesterday for the first time this season), here’s hoping for more days like this.

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