Michael Muller’s Cage-Free Shark Photographs

by Owen James Burke


Hollywood-based photographer Mike Muller also appreciates the thrill of natural adventure, so when he finds the time, he travels around the world taking photographs of giant pelagic sharks — cageless, of course.


We love sharks, and we love swimming with them, too, but Muller is flat out fearless around the majestic beasts. Then again, the cageless shark dives may be a tad safer than his regular line of work in Hollywood, where for one bad photograph, James Franco might bite your head clean off.


Muller, who’s compiling images for a book on shark photography due to be published  in 2015, places himself precariously for his unique and dramatic photographs, which show his subjects on all sides and in many different lights:


See more at Michael Muller’s website — OB

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