Holy Smoking Toledos! Aussie Cabbie Captures the Explosion of Mount Tavurvur

by Chris Dixon

Just over a week ago, Australian medical worker Shelley Hendel captured an incredible still life from a safe distance the morning after New Guinea’s Mount Tavurvur erupted.


Then a few days ago, Australian tourist Phil McNamara released a YouTube video that shows the moment of eruption from a far closer – and scarier – vantage point. As McNamara’s tour boat passes the mountain, it suddenly explodes. All is quiet, until, in  a moment reminiscent of last year’s Russian meteor explosion, the shockwave – which you can see rolling through the air – reaches the boat. Watch this one in HD, and be glad you weren’t anywhere near the island as massive boulders fall from the sky and land in the ocean. Holy smoking Toledos indeed.

YouTube Preview Image

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