Rest in Peace, David Kalani Foster

by Chris Dixon


David Kalani Foster. Photo by Doug Walker

Today a sad note arrived from surf documentarian Doug Walker, curator of the Lost and Found Collection, a treasure trove of 30,000 irreplaceable surfing images Doug found one day in 2007 at a flea market in Los Angeles. The photos, taken by seminal photographers of the best surfers in the world had been taken through the 1970’s and 80’s. To this day, Walker has no idea how they ended up at the Flea Market. 

Lately, Doug has been supplementing a photo collection he is still sorting through, with a series of interviews of the legends reflected in the photos. One, Buttons Kaluhiokalani, died of lung cancer in 2013 at the age of 54. Yesterday Walker  wrote: I am extremely saddened to receive a call from Kalai Ahuna on the N. Shore tonight to let me know that David Kalani Foster has passed. I thought at first it was to talk about my trip coming up to film more stories and I was hoping to see David Kalani one more time. I am so so grateful and honored to have spent that day with him last year.
Rest in peace my Brother.

In this powerful interview with Doug, David Kalani Foster doesn’t mince words. In his younger days, Foster lived hard and fast. Four years ago, his brother Marvin committed suicide. “After my brother died, I had to find some kind of healing ’cause I couldn’t heal myself.”

Thus began David Kalani Foster’s redemption…

To donate to the Foster family fund via GoFundMe, please click here.


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