Watch a Concerned Dog Try to Resuscitate Fish Out of Water

by Owen James Burke

Dogs try to eat a fisherman’s catch now and then, and I have a friend whose dog used to eat our fish all the time, but this one in Phetchaburi, Thailand appears to be acting as something of a guardian angel. Makes you wonder if it’s ever seen a fish out of water before.

The fish, lying in puddles on the cement, are clearly coming to the end of their time in this world, but the determined canine laps up water from the puddles with its tongue and pushes it toward the fish anyhow. Some say the dog is trying to bury the fish (thinking the water will cover them like dirt), but I find that story to be just as curious as the original poster’s, who says the dog hangs out at the docks often, leading one to assume that it would be familiar with fish.

LiveLeak/Motorcycles Vancouver — OB

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