The Surfrider Foundation Turns 30 Today – A Remarkable Timeline

by Chris Dixon


Thirty years ago today, a trio of California wave riders successfully filed for the formation of an organization that was, at its time, unprecedented in the surfing world. The Surfrider Foundation was originally formed by legendary Malibu surfer Lance Carson, eco-activist Tom Pratte and computer engineer Glenn Hening. The initial focus was severe pollution in Malibu lagoon, but from the start, Hening and his partners envisioned “a sort of Cousteau society for surfers.”



Since that fateful day, Surfrider has grown and morphed into the largest surf-related environmental organization on earth. Though it only has an official staff of 44,  a global network of 50,000 memmbers and volunteers support 84 chapters. Over the last three decades, Surfrider has racked up a string of 271 victories, from defeating a filthy Humboldt, California paper mill, to blocking a major toll road at the iconic Trestles, to more recently helping broker a deal that saved the fantastical landscape around Maui’s Honolua Bay – one of the best waves on the planet.


Today, Surfrider unveiled a remarkable interactive timeline of their years and work – it includes their most provocative and evocative campaigns.


Check it out here…

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