Mission Blue: A New Documentary on Netflix About Her Deepness, Dr. Sylvia Earle

by Owen James Burke

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“Think of the world without an ocean – you’ve got a planet a lot like Mars.” -Dr. Sylvia Earle

Dr. Sylvia Earle (AKA “Her Deepness”) is a leading marine conservationist, a scientist, an engineer, a teacher and an explorer calling for something simple, really: “protect the ocean in the same way we now protect the land” by developing “a global network of marine protected areas to save and restore the ocean.”

Dr. Earle became Chief Scientist for NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in 1990, but she went to one meeting, and was never allowed to attend another — she spoke too much truth for any governmental organization to bear. She then resigned, deciding that she could do more for public awareness as a private citizen (visit her website, Mission Blue). Lo and behold, she’s now attracting more public interest than ever.

Watch it now on Netflix — OB

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