Look at These Stunning Birdseye Photos of Beaches Taken While Hanging out of a Helicopter

by Owen James Burke


Subconsciously, people have magnificent spatial awareness and organizational dynamics, intended or not, and create whimsical patterns for all eyes above. (Photo: Antoine Rose/Wired)

These photos were captured by venturous Belgian photographer Antoine Rose while he was hanging from a doorless helicopter and moving 20 nautical miles per hour at an elevation of 300 feet.


(Photo: Antoine Rose/Wired)

The complexity of these photos, which are printed at 120 inches, make them awfully difficult to execute, and sometimes Rose spends a week in the field only to return home without a single image. Currently, Rose and a team of technicians are working on building stabilizing equipment for the helicopter ride to produce even clearer, sharper images going forward.


(Photo: Antoine Rose/Wired)

Rose began shooting for the series, Up in the Air, while working as a photographer in Ipanema and Copacabana, Brazil during the Kitesurfing World Championships. He noticed things looked much different from above, and snapped a photo. Since, he’s shot Miami, the Hamptons, in New York.

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