Fresh Cut Lime, Meet Fresh Cut Surfer. The Worst Wipeouts from the Billabong Tahiti Pro.

by Chris Dixon

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Day one of the Billabong Pro Tahiti saw not only spectacular charges through Teahupoo’s heaving barrels of doom, but the stomach clenching downside of such bravery. Lately, my five-year-old son has been telling me he wants to become a pro surfer. While I suppose there are far worse things he could do with his life, as a parent, I’m not sure I could cope with having to watch him go through the sort of carnage that Tahiti dishes out.

Yet as the end of the above video shows, there’s always the chance for the wayward, or reckless pro surfer to be chastened by the Darwinian aftermath of these encounters with shallow reefs. That comes not necessarily in the form of hydrogen peroxide, rubbing alcohol, or a even broken bone, but straight up, undiluted up lime juice.

Why lime juice?

Well, it’s simple. If you’ve ever had ceviche, you can sort of get the picture. Just as the acid in the lime ‘cooks’ the fish in your ceviche, so to does it cook not only your injured skin, but the living coralline and bacterial beasties that have been impact-embedded in your flesh. Rest assured, any bounce off Teahupoo’s reef comes with just such a treatment.

In this video, we see Rip Curl Asian team surfer Garut Widiarta wishing he’d taken a higher line on a wave – and paying the price for his pleasure in pain.

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The Billabong Pro Tahiti, 2014. 


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