Wish You Were Here: São Miguel, Azores, Portugal

by Owen James Burke


(Photo: Panoramico/Porchiak)

Many a sailor has given up on a transAtlantic voyage and settled into the Azores. It’s all too easy to fall in well with a bottle of Azorian wine and some fresh cheese compliments of some very happy cows while sitting atop a windswept promontory overlooking the Atlantic.


(Photo: Panoramico/Guizel J.c)

The Azores have every desire a seafarer could imagine without any concessions. Clean water, fresh air, mild temperatures with cool breezes, quiet ports and empty waves.


(Photo: David Prescott)

 Swells can travel up to 11,000 miles before they reach the Azores, which make for consistent and powerful surf.


(Photo: David Prescott)

There are also several-hundred-year-old churches, volcanoes, crater lakes, waterfalls, hot springs and black sand beaches.


(Photo: Panoramico/Porchiak)

Despite being in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, the Azores are by no means desolate (though you can get that sense if your looking for it). They draw a very cosmopolitan crowd, and apart from tourists and the occasional cruise ship, sailors are always always coming and going, and there’s always a new, adventurous and intrepid soul to share a drink with at the bar.

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