Wish You Were Here: Norfollk Island, Tasman Sea, Australia

by Owen James Burke


(Photo: Alex Ferguson/Flickr)

A former convict settlement where the descendants of the HMS Bounty mutineers were also sent, Norfolk Island is a tiny subtropical island situated between Australia’s Gold Coast, New Caledonia and New Zealand in the Tasman Sea. The island has a mild climate and current which make for comfortable temperatures year-round, and its lush greenness provides an endless supply of fresh fruit and veggies.


(Photo: Stuck on a Rock)

Norfolk Island isn’t much of a tourist destination for many aside from retired couples and heavy-pocketed newlyweds, and its senior citizen population may lend it the reputation of being death’s waiting room for Australians, but you can drop me off there anytime you’d like.


(Photo: Robert Huffstutter/Flickr)

Along with Fletcher Christian’s widow and their three children, nearly 200 Pitcairnians and descendants of mutineers from the HMS Bounty were brought here from Pitcairn Island in the latter half of the 19th century after Queen Victoria decided that the 88-acre island’s population of over 200 was too large to sustain and had to be relocated.


(Photo: Black Diamond Images/Flickr)

Pictured above is reportedly the only landing on the entire island, where any and all cargo have to come through. Storms are common (to which surfers can give praise) but it’s a nightmare for boaters even in calm conditions.


The island may slowly be finding itself in the spotlight of the global surfing community, but for now there are still plenty of these dark, empty tunnels to be had. Then there’s the sea along the outer reefs below them, abounding with life.


(Photo: Stuck on a Rock)

If you’re respectful, show a little interest and maybe pick up a bar tab or two one night, you may be able to convince one of the locals to take you out for some of the world’s best spearfishing.

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